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Date: 19 September 2018
Traded Companies No. of Transactions Max price Closing Price Trades shares Amount
Agriculture Development Bank Limited 67 450.00 441.00 9273.00 4113210.00
Alpine Development Bank Limited 1 249.00 249.00 44.00 10956.00
Api Power Company Ltd. 45 455.00 412.00 4129.00 1786663.00
Arun Finance Limited 1 154.00 154.00 40.00 6160.00
Arun Valley Hydropower Development Co. Ltd. 30 226.00 222.00 6406.00 1423555.00
Asian Life Insurance Co. Limited 130 1313.00 1300.00 17526.00 22660543.00
Bank of Kathmandu Lumbini Ltd. 71 418.00 409.00 13746.00 5679666.00
Barun Hydropower Co. Ltd. 10 223.00 220.00 350.00 77510.00
Bhargav Bikash Bank Ltd. 11 230.00 224.00 1302.00 292168.00
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About Us

Board of Directors

The Directors of NIC ASIA Capital have proven track record of providing clear strategic direction and enabling precise implementation. Along with carrying the vision of the Bank towards providing high-value, customer-centric Merchant Banking solutions, the Board also exert high commitment towards integrity, transparency and security of customer information. The Board of NIC ASIA Capital Ltd. seeks to drive solutions through well maintained system that will not only differentiate NIC ASIA Capital but will also help to improve the service standards of Merchant Banking Industry of Nepal as a whole.

The Board of NIC ASIA Capital comprises of the following directors:

Mr. Bishal Sigdel Chairman
Mr. Dinesh Bhari Director
Mr. Bimal Lamsal Director
Mr. Suman Dangol, FCA Independent director
Mr. Rabin Sapkota, FCA Independent director